Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sUsH! kInG..

29/4 wednesday
i went penang v khai ming,
wanna go inti to settle my enrolment for the next semester.
i thought i can go in the morning and reach there by 12.
i reached there at 1.30
met wei jian,
i cut the queue,telling the clerk, i m his cousin
then, settle everything,go gourney palace to meet calvin
his house vry vry big n vry vry nice!

we went for the indian mee goreng,
quite nice, it is like bm d jawa goreng.not chinese d mee goreng.
then visit calvin's house
go gourney play ding ding
and then ..
calvin said,''i teach u eat sushi!''
i went..the first thing masuk mulut d is...
my god, when i chew it, they keep describing
khai ming ko gv me fish egg d!
i dun like them
i like sushi v onli rice, vege...
i dun like raw food.
feel so so so sick the whole day..

khai ming vry chek ak..
go n see his blog?! vry kiam pak!
calvin pulak say, no more outings if dowan go for sushi
''sushi is 100times healthier than local food''

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