Sunday, December 20, 2009


Its been era-S i m not here in my blog. Many things happen. Last not-updated things were, the kl genting trip, monash kl,nottingham visit.. many more things. It's been a quite frustrated holiday. Alumni night, quite nice but.. stil ok. Results not good enough but stil OK~ LOL

Recently doing n busying about some uni stuffs!!! duno wat to choose n where to go. Quarrel n TL mum for many days n reasons. dun like to say now. Maybe the other time. Now going out... with frenssss... At Old Town. Going for another trip on this coming wednesday. Yea,hopefully i got something nice.

Quite fed up n sad n frustrated v myslf about my relationship. Lol. Engai~ Many things could happen but we don't knw. Who knws wat will happen nx?! Will update again soon.

Yiing Chau.