Thursday, October 14, 2010


OMGodness! I got annoyed for few days!
Got so frustrated over someone that is not worth to be.
STUPID agent!!!!!!
But how come human will act that way?
Never been schooling? Brainless?
GRRRR!!! That makes me hate KL!
I hate this place, i hate i hate!!
Taylors closed the door, having another walkway.
BUT! going to close soon ?! ALSO?
HAIZ!! i want to leave here.............
:( :( :( I wanna cry!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Things Learnt!

Was searching things about eco-house for the day.
Learnt some things, and wanted to apply it to own's house!
Is that possible? I hope that is.
Learning that, some of the systems applied in the house.
To reduce the use of electricity, energy and bla bla.
Will write about it in details, when i get to research more!
Buahaha. I was fulfilled, the whole day, i wished i could have my good slp tonight!
Looking forward to achieve goal in my second year project!
Everyone does their best, then we are the champion!!!
Good Luck! ;)

A New Look of My Blog!

Not changing to any new blog, but remain to use the same one! 
Because I'm lazy to go setting up, downloading this and that, add in blogs to follow, 
bla bla bla~
So i m nowhere, to start of the life of my ''new'' blog! 
Wee~ Feeling boreed for the day! 

Actually, i had a class this morning from 9 to 10 am. 
But but but... I didn't know why i m so lazy to wake up. 
Then, i skipped. Plan to go only the 1pm meeting for my group!
12.30 i walked out to the school gate, it was closed! I have to wait for bus at the bus stop.
I wait... I wait! and until 1pm ther is no buses! ISH!
I get my friends to come to pick me... and finally i got Tay for me! Wee, so lucky! 
But i sweat all over, for being under the sun. =.=!!

Thank god we end our meeting early,
Have a nice talk to our future supervisor! 
Whee~~ But i stress!!
Having all teammates, speaking all good English! 
I dont dare to speak a word... =((
I hope i get my English improved a.s.a.p!