Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Haha,,... It's really centuries that i m nt updating this blog.
Well, A lot of things happen,
bt nw i m with a neutral but slightly happy mood~ haha.
I think i will onli continue updating it after i started my uni life!!!
or maybe chinese new year~
Hehehe. Hope that everything will be great! to me and of course you~
xD xD xD~

Going down KL Taylor to do my transfer programme
for Electrical n Electronic Engineering course!
Hopefully it will be great! But i m afraid there will be
less than 3 girls in the course~ aduih duih~~~
Hehehe. Bt all of us are human, so i guess, should not be a problem.
In KL, i think i will spend quite some time to knw everywhere about kl,
Going down to bkt jalil to find huey yong, beng tai them~
Hehehe. Is sure to hv lots of fun!!

Okay~ Gtg~
Will be updating it whenever i got the mood! hahaa..
Take care everyone!