Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tired Day!!!

With Li Yuen, Jia Wei, June Wynn, Kim Hwa n Zen Whey..We played poker from 3 - 5 something in the morning!!! We gambled. Funny things happen a lot.. haha

After a 3 hour slp, at about 9am, woke. But others continue.. Too tired lar.

til 12pm, onli go out to eat.

Today, we ate some nice n very nice food. haha

Our breakfast, our lunch.. lol

Yam Rice!! Introduced in the newspaper today! Vry cheeap, we ate RM21 something, 6 person shared, so onli cost about RM4 person. ^^Nice ler!

Ask them and see!! xD

WOW!! Look nice right! haha...

After that we went to ah hong's house.. to watch tv, to play n to see hong play game. haha

Liao, we go to have our another meal at 3 something!

ALMA 寿面!!! Damn nice and special food... ^^ but i dont have the photos..

Then, headed to the Ice Kacang under the big tree.. Nice also.

After all, i went back home, go for a stupid hair cut.. damn sad i look funny! =.=

i dint join them for Snooker, to Boston.. i m tired!!!

Packed everything and then, here i m! gonna slp soon le.

Bye and night! ^^

ST. Anne!

Today, nono, it should be yesterday. LOL
People come to my house, to gather, eat laksa, then we go to out..
Li Yuen and June Wynn, sick..not able to go. they followed soo lip to autocity n cho chia's house.
Jia Wei, Zen Whey, Ah Liang, Ah Hwa and I went to St.Anne!!!

Here is the St. Anne church!!

St. Anne church from the entrance..

Obviously, there are lesser n lesser n lesser compared to last year's.
Probably because of the H1N1... LOL

And because it's H1N1, we, the 5 wore masks!!! haha

haha!!!! PPL saw us, they said, WAH! H1N1 ahh!
There are indians asking,' Lu Bau Apa Busuk??'
laugh my ass off!!
At first, me n jia wei damn paise to walk like that. Damn alien lar!
The 3 guys walk in front, wont feel paise also eh.. geng!! haha
When they saw one, who wore....they yelled...
'WAH....FREN ahhh!' haaha!
There are also ppl said, HIV lar..
one more vry funny one, he pulled his fren away from us,
to a further place and shouted:'H1N1!!!'
Jia wei n I laugh like hell. haha

Crowds coming out the church.

4 of us, exclude the photographer! --> Zen whey!

Big CANDLEsss we bought! One for RM3. LOL!
Cute Jia Wei with the mask! >.<

After that, we're back to my house.
We set up DOME tent outside my house. haha.
nice experience for all of them!! >.<
Then go for char koay teow!! haaha
Duck egg char koay teow! superb!
Back to my house, took a ball,
we went for BASKETBALL..
from 12 something to 2am in the morning! haha...
siok!! sweat a lot lo.. nice one.
play poker til now, 3am!! haha
Tml planning to go for some nice food in BM!
And then go to visit Cho Chia's house...
Kar Lee..
A tired day.. but happy one.

Friday, July 24, 2009

That's been a long time.. i DINT..

Haha.. It's been reali a long time i dint blog le!! >.<
Well, i missed a lot of things, like the Jerejak Trip,which is quite fun, Whose n whose birthday..

Now, i m here not to blog about the history lar,but about this week. ^^

The first time and the last time, i dont have a car in penang. No driving for 5 days. Gatal nia..
And frens, keep asking..
Ei, u dint go out eat ar?
Yiing chau, wanna go where a?
Wana go wet? i got CAR!...
Hahaa.. i jz amteh lar. What to do wor, goh beng! He lar, is the one perli me the most.
HAHA.. funny guy!

And, because i dint have a car, therefore, i ask taxi.. how ar, i no car.
Guess What The Taxi Told me?
He said, ''What u Mean? I also Dont Knw Wor! How arr?!?''
What the fcuk! i gotta tear him off! or like the stone drop onto a piece of soft Taufu!
i knw he is not a taufu, not even one feature he has, he is not soft, he is not even FAIR.
SWT!!! but then i jz hate him lar. What the hack is in his mind i dont knw ler!


ONE day, i reali hope that, he'd jz disappear in front of me! what fren is this lar, help nothing but then keep cheating me... SWT nia. If i were to be his fren, i mean close or even called ''BEST'' fren..i think that was.. about 10 years ago okay! i knew him for so long time, now onli becum 'a bit' closer. no point okayy..keep doing things that make me tl...

This is the eagle lar!

What can i do ler? jz keep quiet, and ignore u all the time? or talk face to face to u at the place that we used to? scold u at the back? nono. i think.. i will talk to u!
Shit u! my mind keep thinking things that u did to me.

Monday, July 13, 2009


stop saying me, eh, u CUTE lo!!!
my god, i m not ok....
jiak gao 18 hui, baru lang gong wa ko zui.....
SWT SWT...=.=!
wAlaOo... bey tong... one week le..
frens around me.
Neighbours, who sees me for more than 3 years!!!
parents frens..zzz!!!!!!
stop liao lar.. hahahaa

Friday, July 10, 2009

new life in leela's class nx week onwards!!!

HSC life..
Famous lecturer, Ms Leela..
she is a very good lecturer, but then, we are afraid of her!
BECAUSE...she keeps calling people to answer her qs!
Those days, ppl who alwz kena in my class are ... me sometimes lo. not often AT ALL!
but then this week!!!! the first week of JULY, i dont knw wth is going on.
She keeps calling me in her class.. to answer a lot of qs!!! my dear god!
i m her 'favourite' student this week, seriously! i m the one alwzzzzz kena!
Kena til i scare ahh.. everyone in the class now, knw me liao.
Every class teacher sure panggil GOH yiing CHAU~
Walaoehhh... feeling so pressured lar! she doesnt like to ask me homework
she likes asking me preliminary work lar, calculation on the spot lar, ask me what she has said.
the thing is, she talk n talk, we dint jot down eh...and she ask me wat is the firsts step.. i jz BOMB lar! but i did it correctly.haha
(with broken englsh) haha...
she scolded me for it. LOL! Quite fun but pressure lar, in her class.
My gosh!!!! i will try to pay more attention in her class le....zzz!!
She scolded me, What English Are U Using a??! haha. LMAO! i laughing myself at the class.
Luckily she dint chase me out! haha.
everytime she calls me, i sure...Face red, ears warm.
After answering, if she comment, then i laugh,
if she say correct then i will just happy n ss at the back. haahaha!!

Yesterday, she spoke to me.
''Why arr?" and a lot. i jz stood quietly looking at her, listen to every word she said.

i will never forget it... haha!!!

Will be having a NICE new life there, i suppose!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


的确 你沒有错 是我自私的举动
你給我借口 让我这次能夠徹底的放手
让我走 別让我更痛苦的过,好吗?

有一种心 叫做永远
有一种灵魂 不会改变
唱一首歌 倒带思念
走一段过去 在心里面

第89键 是我弹不到的音阶
就像你在 我永远到达不了的宇宙边缘

其实。。用表白 我们可以换一份期待
难道 真是愛
泪水流过 才明白
爱不爱 原來心里早已存在
幸福 不在千里外
让我勇敢 表达爱。。。


Another weekend

Previous post..noone understand. LOL. HAHAAHAA!! try to interpret slowly lar.

Hmm,This is another friday, and it's time to go back home.But then it's the day i hate most. I grow old every friday, cause i m not happy,pek chek.LOL...i bey siok something, someone, sometime, somewhere,everything, everyone, everytime, everywhere, anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere...Whatever lar.. jz beysiok!!!!!

What the hack is going on in ur mind?! Why U wanna treat me like this wor?anything that i did wrongly, u jz tell me lar,wei..i dont like the way we are like that,...we are alwz together! and yet...U are ignoring me all the time,HAihzzZzzz..

U go chiak sai larh!!!

LOL...everyday look at ur face, everyday see u,everyday talk to u,everyday everyday n everyday...swt tiok. now, dont feel like having any conversation with u PUN ah...!! jz feel like, sit there alone, not looking hp, no sms-ing, nothing! I thought everyone learn moral...take moral in spm, learn it since kindergarten..

It's actually physics, cause things relate. zzz!!

U drove me banana!!!
alright, not knowing what to say anymore about U le..u dont understand me.neither me.
P/S: U refers to not only one person. LOL!

Feeling like, having a talk with U, but then i hardly pay attention to think how should i talk to u. seriously, i m blank. I m fake larh!! Ishhh!! X(

Let's not talk about U le. this week i vry vry sway!
I hope myself is not changing from the vry begginning of the year, i knw..i m less cheerful, less talkative. nothing else le lar, dont comment me n keep observing me liao lar! LOL..i knw i m famous but then no nid like this d. hahaa!!!! *SS*

sunday, i cut my legs, monday or tues, i hurt my finger!!! LOL... everything is about the door.
Even the doors hated me. haihzz!!! car door, toilet door.. i m going to have door phobia le la!! haha... hmm, stil not yet recover lo, but feeling better le. hoho! jz like normal but with a deep scar on the leg and vios car's door's blue black signature on my finger! haihz..not sensitive le, my finger..swt nia..i was quite BUSY preparing my maths 2u assessment lo.i supposed stil not worse than my x1 lo!! :(
Got my x1 result, hoho, as what i expected..POOR! but surprisingly, our shyboy in x2 class,failed his x2! call u dont alwz fool around liao ma,haha!!!

Wednesday- after assessment, we going christine's birthday party. hmm, stil ok for me lo..cause my brain keep thinking something elses!! sorry everybody. :(
We went QB Sakae Sushi for celebration. bunteh wanna watch movie d lo, but then gotta chemistry class the next day at 8am sharp!! LOL..cant go le. haha, then some of us went to the beach...PARADISE. not yet reali siao lo...but quite nice playing with the sand. for photos, view lar,jacq's facebook, kian's blog, christine's facebook,or maybe others... hoho.. Then,go back, slp...!!

nothing else special that happen this week le... jz..a bored weekend. with frustration!! haihz..

Thinking of driving to Bangkok, Thailand tml. huhu!!! hmm, not sure yet. jz wanna hv fun.