Sunday, July 26, 2009

ST. Anne!

Today, nono, it should be yesterday. LOL
People come to my house, to gather, eat laksa, then we go to out..
Li Yuen and June Wynn, sick..not able to go. they followed soo lip to autocity n cho chia's house.
Jia Wei, Zen Whey, Ah Liang, Ah Hwa and I went to St.Anne!!!

Here is the St. Anne church!!

St. Anne church from the entrance..

Obviously, there are lesser n lesser n lesser compared to last year's.
Probably because of the H1N1... LOL

And because it's H1N1, we, the 5 wore masks!!! haha

haha!!!! PPL saw us, they said, WAH! H1N1 ahh!
There are indians asking,' Lu Bau Apa Busuk??'
laugh my ass off!!
At first, me n jia wei damn paise to walk like that. Damn alien lar!
The 3 guys walk in front, wont feel paise also eh.. geng!! haha
When they saw one, who wore....they yelled...
'WAH....FREN ahhh!' haaha!
There are also ppl said, HIV lar..
one more vry funny one, he pulled his fren away from us,
to a further place and shouted:'H1N1!!!'
Jia wei n I laugh like hell. haha

Crowds coming out the church.

4 of us, exclude the photographer! --> Zen whey!

Big CANDLEsss we bought! One for RM3. LOL!
Cute Jia Wei with the mask! >.<

After that, we're back to my house.
We set up DOME tent outside my house. haha.
nice experience for all of them!! >.<
Then go for char koay teow!! haaha
Duck egg char koay teow! superb!
Back to my house, took a ball,
we went for BASKETBALL..
from 12 something to 2am in the morning! haha...
siok!! sweat a lot lo.. nice one.
play poker til now, 3am!! haha
Tml planning to go for some nice food in BM!
And then go to visit Cho Chia's house...
Kar Lee..
A tired day.. but happy one.