Friday, July 10, 2009

new life in leela's class nx week onwards!!!

HSC life..
Famous lecturer, Ms Leela..
she is a very good lecturer, but then, we are afraid of her!
BECAUSE...she keeps calling people to answer her qs!
Those days, ppl who alwz kena in my class are ... me sometimes lo. not often AT ALL!
but then this week!!!! the first week of JULY, i dont knw wth is going on.
She keeps calling me in her class.. to answer a lot of qs!!! my dear god!
i m her 'favourite' student this week, seriously! i m the one alwzzzzz kena!
Kena til i scare ahh.. everyone in the class now, knw me liao.
Every class teacher sure panggil GOH yiing CHAU~
Walaoehhh... feeling so pressured lar! she doesnt like to ask me homework
she likes asking me preliminary work lar, calculation on the spot lar, ask me what she has said.
the thing is, she talk n talk, we dint jot down eh...and she ask me wat is the firsts step.. i jz BOMB lar! but i did it correctly.haha
(with broken englsh) haha...
she scolded me for it. LOL! Quite fun but pressure lar, in her class.
My gosh!!!! i will try to pay more attention in her class le....zzz!!
She scolded me, What English Are U Using a??! haha. LMAO! i laughing myself at the class.
Luckily she dint chase me out! haha.
everytime she calls me, i sure...Face red, ears warm.
After answering, if she comment, then i laugh,
if she say correct then i will just happy n ss at the back. haahaha!!

Yesterday, she spoke to me.
''Why arr?" and a lot. i jz stood quietly looking at her, listen to every word she said.

i will never forget it... haha!!!

Will be having a NICE new life there, i suppose!


  1. good!! haha
    me seldom kena..
    but once kena i dunno how to answer.. wakkaa
    everytime say "i dunno" XDXD

  2. i kena b4 also ma, hsc bio lecturer.
    'yiing chau, answer the qs'
    i was like, omg! i dint do. then i read the qs. i pause when it came to answer.
    'nvm, jz read out ur answer'
    'i dont have an answer!'
    'why? because u dont knw how to do?or u dint do?'
    'i dint do.' =.=!
    teacher swt tiok and then, she.. said..
    'honest'then she call me simply give an answer. i give lo, correct ah! haha!!