Friday, July 24, 2009

That's been a long time.. i DINT..

Haha.. It's been reali a long time i dint blog le!! >.<
Well, i missed a lot of things, like the Jerejak Trip,which is quite fun, Whose n whose birthday..

Now, i m here not to blog about the history lar,but about this week. ^^

The first time and the last time, i dont have a car in penang. No driving for 5 days. Gatal nia..
And frens, keep asking..
Ei, u dint go out eat ar?
Yiing chau, wanna go where a?
Wana go wet? i got CAR!...
Hahaa.. i jz amteh lar. What to do wor, goh beng! He lar, is the one perli me the most.
HAHA.. funny guy!

And, because i dint have a car, therefore, i ask taxi.. how ar, i no car.
Guess What The Taxi Told me?
He said, ''What u Mean? I also Dont Knw Wor! How arr?!?''
What the fcuk! i gotta tear him off! or like the stone drop onto a piece of soft Taufu!
i knw he is not a taufu, not even one feature he has, he is not soft, he is not even FAIR.
SWT!!! but then i jz hate him lar. What the hack is in his mind i dont knw ler!


ONE day, i reali hope that, he'd jz disappear in front of me! what fren is this lar, help nothing but then keep cheating me... SWT nia. If i were to be his fren, i mean close or even called ''BEST'' fren..i think that was.. about 10 years ago okay! i knew him for so long time, now onli becum 'a bit' closer. no point okayy..keep doing things that make me tl...

This is the eagle lar!

What can i do ler? jz keep quiet, and ignore u all the time? or talk face to face to u at the place that we used to? scold u at the back? nono. i think.. i will talk to u!
Shit u! my mind keep thinking things that u did to me.

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