Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Result n Report are OUT!

Leh miaooo~!!!
went check up this morning..
the result made me gonna faint lar...!!!
its just nothing, and i m incredibly ''ALRITE''...
HMPHHH.. paid RM90 for the check up,
end up having result like ''this''

just pray that i m alrite lar!
mum keeps nagging that i dint knw how to take care myself,
i dint knw how to choose food to eat,
i dint knw to drink water all the time,
i dint knw this n that..
dont knw how to be healthy!

Yeaaa... i m bad at it.
change lar.. cause scare liao mar..
this pain that pain, everywhere pain.
medical treatment wastes me a lot of time lo!
and $$ also a problem lar.

is a trouble maker.
Learn to take care ourselves
Learn to take good care of our own
Learn to be healthy always!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ki siao siao siao~

Helloooo, wake up n pissssssssss! haha..
eh, wake up! go shhh shhh...

''Ki siao!! ''

LOL... me n kian last thursday cant slp at night, keep calling ppl...
wake them to ... go toilet..
Lalala... realli Lmao!

Came back from penang on that day,
which spent me 2.5hours driving,
(for some reasons)
i had a slight stomachache,
i thought it was nothing,
and then, went for a nap..
wake up.............Severe pain...
told parents n had some argue,after 3 days,
she finally gam guan bring me to the doctor.
this lar...mom!aikzz...
in betw, went to the clinic to check myself,
the doctor said, maybe appendicitis,
go to hospital immediately!!
i din.. but went sakae for a vry important family dinner,
with uncle from shanghai..
bla bla bla.
today went lam hwa ee hospital..
finally mom gam guan bring me go hospital.
her fren wanna jio her to kl,
now she explain to others saying that..
cause yiing chau not feeling well,
so i cant cant cant join them lo
Gao Sai lar!
check tiok...result. *secret*
tml going for x-ray.
wait lar, more accurate result!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Stim n Super Swuei. (SSSS)

these few days, or should i say these few weeks, or even recent months??
i had nightmare everynight! wdf... i dint knw whats going on.
stim stim whole day, the next day n everyday.
i did stupid things which i never notice i was doing it! Omg!!

First thing, i went back to hostel from inti after class. Walking way from the entrance after coming down from the car and locked my car, i took out the room key. but something stupid happened, i keep pressing the car key to unlock the 'door' when i was 3 or 4 doors away from mine. Aikzz!! i dint knw what i m doing but keep wondering why the door dint open or make sound. STUPID nia~

Second thing, i laughed myself for being so STIM! then wanna go to find christine at 4th floor. i brought along my own room keys, (purposely remind myself not to do anything stupid anymore, leaving the car keys in room). then i walk from 2nd floor (where my room is). thinking to go christine room. but!! i walk til 3rd floor, which is the entrance, automatically, dunno wat the hell was in my mind, i walked out the entrance, and... to the roadside! suddenly, i ask .. Why am i here?!?! aiyoyoyoy!

Third thing...Lmao! i thought that is all.. but here come a serious one.!! went fetching kumar for movie with a group of frens... outside his house, wana reverse the car, thinking.. reverse gear! but guess what i did.. i turned the aircond!!!!! ARGHHH~ Kisiao right? haizzzzzzz. went for a movie, unhappy things happened.. but then the movie which is so nice, help to reduce anger from 100% to at least 20%.. good movie, funny n nice. The UGLY Truth!

Fourth.. was on this morning. i washed my bottles, wanna go to refill, i walked to the hairdryer! wth... :( serious lar.. me.! super stim. then here comes the swuei thingy. Some frens from inti knw.. that my car was clamped n kena clamping penalty. i cried out ahh!!! i dint do it purposely d. accidentally... so sad... got fined, and again blacklisted. sad sad sad.!!

hope everything will be alrite after tonight's slp. tml is a new day, n hope dun stim n no more stupid things. must be 100% awake all the time! gambateh yiingchau.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


星光5班 一哥
外号:老孙,眯眯眼.. xD

Friday, September 4, 2009

5 Weeks Left..

HSC left 5 weeks nia lo..
sad that HSC exam is coming so soon...
sad that i left 5 weeks to stdy n play around v my dear frensss from HSC.
now i m having a damn complicated mood...
duno what i m thinking now..
thinking of exam?
thinking of how to make use of the time to enjoy v frens.?
thinking of W-H-A-T?
feel like relaxing,
but it isnt the right thing to do now.
wanna stdy?
not in the right mood..
exam is just finished last last week..
went around penang for more nice food for dinner?
Semester 3, one week finish liao ahh,
left 5 weeks..
some more this sem so many holidays.
wake wake wake!
what should i do?