Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Result n Report are OUT!

Leh miaooo~!!!
went check up this morning..
the result made me gonna faint lar...!!!
its just nothing, and i m incredibly ''ALRITE''...
HMPHHH.. paid RM90 for the check up,
end up having result like ''this''

just pray that i m alrite lar!
mum keeps nagging that i dint knw how to take care myself,
i dint knw how to choose food to eat,
i dint knw to drink water all the time,
i dint knw this n that..
dont knw how to be healthy!

Yeaaa... i m bad at it.
change lar.. cause scare liao mar..
this pain that pain, everywhere pain.
medical treatment wastes me a lot of time lo!
and $$ also a problem lar.

is a trouble maker.
Learn to take care ourselves
Learn to take good care of our own
Learn to be healthy always!!!