Saturday, October 10, 2009

HSC ends~

Time flies.. WOWW!
It's great to have a cool 10-months with lots of happiness in HSC.
There's too much to tell about it..
The pictures will talk.

Pictures in Lik Fm..
and damn lot pictures from facebook~!!!

ahha.. the last week, we had fun with all frens.
and ''everyone'' glad that our Kingdom got a Queen!!!
Hahaha.. King King..
And our SOSAM president~
Timid one!!! now he has becum a Man!!!!
(evidence: his moustache!!) XD

When the Final exam ends, onli i wrote stories of every1.
(Su lynn,u must come to see them when i post it!!!)

Let's work hard for the Final! Gambateh~


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