Friday, October 23, 2009

Sad Things happened jz not in the Right Time..

Right now, i just finish my 3 ESL paper for the first week of HSC Real Exam.. I got 2 more weeks to go and next week is the most hectic week, Maths 2u, Extension 1 and my Favourite Biology. @@. Last last week, ppl in inti were all saying sweet sweet words,duwan to leave HSC,HSC is short and all feel sad to leave. Some people say it with true heart, some..who knws? In the short 10 months together, we couldnt have known who a person actually is. Some really are true frens who care about u,have fun together,help u if anything happens. I'd like to list the names but then i m Afraid (SHIVER!!) that Some People Feel Disappoint that 'she'S AND 'he'S are not listed here. Those are the one who are Not Real. I hate them cause they are not frens in life. They want to be good with u jz to take advantages. They are the oneS described Touch n Go!!!! They have got a lot of frens, they knw many many ppl, they are 'practically Fake'. Cis!!!! U take them as Frens, they take u as Rubbish!

Refer to this link,where The King writes about Frens..
There are 3 classes, and those i m Complimenting, are from which class?!??!!

Quote from the prose friction,''Maestro'',Keller tells Paul, ''do not trust the beatiful'', the world around us is Superficial n Fake. Keller plays for the Hitler but couldnt stop him from killing his family. Its exactly what i m now,i trust ***** but couldnt stop him from spreading TO HIS ""BEST FREN""!!! Deep from my heart, early this year, i can see what u are,the first thing, the ppl u mix v, *****!!! But.... i wouldnt want to give any reasons why i befriend v U, and trusted U so much. Now,maybe harsh to say,becz I Pity You. PPL stare at me, when i said, he is one of my Close FrenS. F*** u! My mistake! Quote from Msgs, which jz sound like R.E.V.E.N.G-ing.

''Why i tell only one of ur Things to only one person, u got so big rXn? (Because i like over-reacting jz like what Yap Yong Liang and Christine Ooi Ling Jia said about me! he said that is alwz my Characteristics! Fine =.=!) U alwz tell others my secret also,about my parents job,(Is it Really So Shameful To let People Knw Ur Parents Are DOCTORS?! And i dint tel anyone. who SPREAD ur SECRET???! i duno~) and about i m 'xiao mei mei killer' in secondary school. (OHHH~ DEAR,i knew it months ago n that time none of my frens knw about u! when that SECRET was spread,i've forgotten, but ppl dont listen from me. It's REALLY OKAYY u thnk it's my fault!) I alwz feel vry hurt but again n again i trust u. (wat the F*CK! U hurt because ppl knw ur parents are DOCTORS?!?!?!?!?! and PPL knew u r 'xiao mei mei killer'?!)

Then what about me? U're not a person i can trust at all. Maybe Before this when i m SO stupid! but never again letting u to knw anything about me!!!! U're acting innocent, but hopefully that is not a Fake Acting. That's y i dont want to explain to u,dont want to mention it, dont want u to knw further! I'm not angry because others knw about it. I m mad because u simply say it without a Good Reason,but jz because u're pek cek at the moment waiting me to Fetch u Back to Ur Dear Hostel when The God is Crying SOFTLY! Ish u! It's Ok if ppl say about it, curious about it, gossips about me, but IT'S Totally Not Alright When it ends up, FrensSsssssss around me feel Guilty about this n that, Sad about it, Boykott me, Leave me far away! U'll never knw the Pain. I cried for 2 days, emo, sad, bad mood, not because u told others, but having a feel that u Betrayed me. And because of the Person u have told. And because of the Person u told n the person the person told! OR,seriously SHE never tell Anyone n I misunderstand HER?! What the.................... *shake head*!

Thanks to others who have supported me
Thanks to those who listen to me
Thanks to those who keep it n Protect me
Sorry to those who i have hurt
Sorry to those sad about me
Sorry to those that worry n guilty about what they've done

To those who dont even dare to say a Hi,to me in a lift when there are onli 4 persons, i will jz forget about it, but to those who can pretend nothing happen, i will hate u, and to those who are Alwz Innocent n Dont knw whats going on, i will also hate u. U knw who u r. And those who spread n say u dint, or say everything will stop at u, or say no worries, or maybe Pretending or Truthfully concern me, i will jz ignore ur fake even if it's not! U'r all deleted from my world, my dictionary, my life. (only 3 person here,free to come to me and ask,who are they! i m willing to tell~)

I can handle things, hopefully... if things do not happen jz one day b4 My First HSC paper. It hurts and i got no mood to stdy, that's y things happen jz not in the Right Time. Who to blame? myself but not u, Chong Jia Chuan! and some others whom i would not like to mention U!! Leave me alone. Things will be forgotten when time goes on!

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    ada feel...ada originality...ada supporting quotes...
    more importantly,
    this story is clear and in a distinctive way.
    perhaps your blog should name everything about a HSC satellite.GRIN!