Saturday, November 14, 2009


Tired of everything,fed up!
Wanted to go kl since last week,saja wanna go walk walk,
Visit some frens there,play play..
Mum doesnt allow.
Today suddenly call me go there, visit uni lar... apa apa.
ISSH! Then mar plan lo..
Plan tiao, find bo lang. too sudden.
Not dare to ask frens pun. Sure kena say,too sudden!
Suak... then,find 2,3 persons, we go ourselves.
Planning one day genting, 2 days KL.
Hope that its a successful plan lar.

Geram brother... spoilt the laptop ''Transformer''!
Its the battery charger! Cause he woke in the mid,took the laptop
and play Dota!!! warn him not to liao,stil wanna play.
Then, same thing,i m the one kena wash.
Mum said,my fault this n that.
She end up... ''Go n Retake HSC lar!''
Go to score until u can get into Monash!
Apani....... =.=!!
Throw her into fire ah!
Cheh.. waiting tonite to go kl,genting nia
duwan stay at home,hearing this n that.

One more thing, Stupid sister!
Laptop spoilt,duno wanna chack wats the problem,but keep scolding.
TL her.
Ma De Lei!!!
Wana spm liao,dint stdy, keep slping n slping n slping!
Mum dint nag her.
Last year wat happen to me was,
When i m stdying, she keeps nagging me things that are not related.
Like,i dint help out to do house work lar.. bla bla bla.
The world is jz so unfair! Duhhhhh!

Another bosiok day! huh...

last wednesday, super tl.
sending grandpa to hospital...
he want this n that ..
gok slow slow...
a bit headache mau masuk hospital.
check liao, nothing happen to his health,
he complain that doctor useless pulak!!!
Earli morning, he said he vry uncomfort,cant tahan
Wana go to the doctor liao,
i rush, bathed onli for 2 mins!
Afternun again, i was slping...too tired whole 7 hours v my grandpa.
sister woke me, This Spm Candidate Wanted Me To Fetch Her
T-O- - P-L-A-Y--- B-A-D-M-I-N-T-O-N!!!
She wanted me to fetch her, woke me up like hell. Fine,i took a baaaath!
She keepsssssss rushing me!
a 2 mins bath, then?? when i was wearing my shirt,she told me,
''I folow others car har?''
i reali scolded her rude words!
Geram having this kind of sister.

Geram.. now waiting plan to b smooth, going for a trip!
Leave them as fast as Possible!

Monday, November 9, 2009

8.11.09 Family Day at Penang Gurney with..

Yohh! Its been ages i dint come here. Haha.
Sad things are over, n now its time to enjoy.
Was thinking to go for a part time job, travelling, playing..
Yeeeesterday, parents bring the whole family of us to penang.
Early morning mom woke me, Let's go Gurney to shop!
Lol. Shopping wasnt and isnt my cup of tea alwz..
But,i havent been gathering v my family for about one year liao lo,
since i m alwz at penang, when i exam, siblings play,
i play, they exam... different timetable ler...
I was in gurney,shopping with my family members-
my daddy, mummy, sister, two brothers- ah zuo n ah you.. and with...
haha, with my boyfriend! so so so happy lu~
he jz came in ''accidentally'' to my parents n siblings.
It's actually not ''accidentally meeting'' but purposely ''accidentally met up'' v us.
haha,wat a funny action!!
We go here n there together... and one more thing,
Of course, i dint tell them who he is.. jz.. my fren lo!
many things happen, mum ask a lot about his background, his things
mum suspects us of course lar! haha.. he keeps coming n leaving n come again,
say bb liao come again.. haha
fun day!!! haha.. happy til..................
duno how to ... describe liao!
Mum dint complain my 'fren',and show great interest.
What a.. shock! ahaha.

Planning on a melaka,kL trip this coming weekend..
Hmm,...wanted to go out play!!!!! haha

And ystd i bought my alumni dress dy~ fuyoh..

Hahaa.. will update my blog as often as possible. xD
Take care everyone~
Chau chau.