Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recover from sickness!! YuHoo!!

7 days..
i looked at 4 doctors
the medicines
toilet bowls
Ms.Leelalala asked me what happened.
LOL.. she ko say me H1N1
Recover le... first thing!
i thought of all kind of foodS that is delicious, spicy
longing for them.
ppl eating in front of me, keep telling,
''Why this food dont have the porridge d odour har?''
Finally... i can eat what i want to
drink i want to.
but not jz..bread and porridge
water n milo.. :(
Never want to get food poison anymore!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bad Experience!

What a horrible experience!
Wednesday, night..cook in the hostel
maggie without seasoning but added some tomyan,
and some eggs
it look horrible! a bit like the horrible look chicken kidney!
but the taste is nice! all the ppl eat til...
WOW! nice!!
i ate 2 smal bowl, among all i ate the most, LOL
then went for a slp n then went inti.
next day, .... i cant wake.
i thought i wanna skip onli chemistry class..
went inti,
but then i fail to go esl class.
my stomach started to feel pain, headache,
feel like vomiting all the time but then nothing came out,
high fever and vry pale.
skipped esl lesson, and then bio.
i went maths but then i was not able to pay attention at all.
after class, waited for the crew photo session of
The College Musical
pale like shit, ppl stil wasting time there, tak tau buat apa.
wanna go back earlier, they dont allow
after that, went to the clinic for a treatment.
told doctor everything,
doctor said,
i was like, huh? *shock*
he gave me 5 types of medicine,
i went back n ate the medicine
went to canteen to have some porridge,
back vomit everything! my god
at night drink a lot water,
vomit out all the water.
i got MC for 2 days, so dint plan to go sch today.
mom called me not to jz lie on bed, but must walk around
Although i m damn sick but i stil quite active. dont feel weak or feeble.
in school i vomited 3 times.
back d time, i feel vry hungry,
went for mcD.
2hours later took my dinner then i start le!
vomit n diarrhea!!!!
from 7 til 1 something,
diarrhea 12 times, vomit 7 times
went for the second doctor, he gave me 5 more different types of medicine
he said there is lots of air inside my body
Food fobia, medicine fobia, toilet fobia!!
the next day,
same.. no difference.
vomit ..
diarrhea better le.
haihzz.. 12 times in total. better than yesterday!!
wat an experience!
i bolat write out evrything le.
hope can recover soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hostel life..

Life should be good in hostel..
because i need not have to travel everyday
which spends me above one hour.

but actually, life is bored there!
i got NOthing to do at all for the nights

2nd night i went out for my dinner at
1998 food court,
ayer itam.

the food is nice!

ppl say me crazy,
stay in penang not more than 3 days ady sua si run..
what to do
i m bored!

after dinner we went to sunshine farlim
buy ice cream sandwich,
and cha sio bao..

night, went to liang's room
all ppl gather there and eat the ice cream
not bad and nice arr..

tonight i m back, after staying 2 nights there.
there is ok lar, can slp til 7am
but i m back, not because i homewick ya..
but my important ''something''
so i m back to blog. i love tonight..! haha

Saturday, May 2, 2009

H@m! mOOd?

today is saturday liao,
two more days i m going for my next semester
going to take me results so soon
sure vry bad d lar...

i m moving to penang hostel so so so soon liao lo
quite happy d,
but i a bit worry that,
i alwz like to eat,
go there, eat n eat, sure become very fat d..
worry about the petrol,
cause i alwz si sua zao!

My plan in penang,
have supper v frens always,
go to eat lots of hochiak!!!
and i must learn to use roads there.

be a PENANG ppl..
then i must mahuan my frens in penang to bring me everywhere. xD