Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hostel life..

Life should be good in hostel..
because i need not have to travel everyday
which spends me above one hour.

but actually, life is bored there!
i got NOthing to do at all for the nights

2nd night i went out for my dinner at
1998 food court,
ayer itam.

the food is nice!

ppl say me crazy,
stay in penang not more than 3 days ady sua si run..
what to do
i m bored!

after dinner we went to sunshine farlim
buy ice cream sandwich,
and cha sio bao..

night, went to liang's room
all ppl gather there and eat the ice cream
not bad and nice arr..

tonight i m back, after staying 2 nights there.
there is ok lar, can slp til 7am
but i m back, not because i homewick ya..
but my important ''something''
so i m back to blog. i love tonight..! haha

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