Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ki siao siao siao~

Helloooo, wake up n pissssssssss! haha..
eh, wake up! go shhh shhh...

''Ki siao!! ''

LOL... me n kian last thursday cant slp at night, keep calling ppl...
wake them to ... go toilet..
Lalala... realli Lmao!

Came back from penang on that day,
which spent me 2.5hours driving,
(for some reasons)
i had a slight stomachache,
i thought it was nothing,
and then, went for a nap..
wake up.............Severe pain...
told parents n had some argue,after 3 days,
she finally gam guan bring me to the doctor.
in betw, went to the clinic to check myself,
the doctor said, maybe appendicitis,
go to hospital immediately!!
i din.. but went sakae for a vry important family dinner,
with uncle from shanghai..
bla bla bla.
today went lam hwa ee hospital..
finally mom gam guan bring me go hospital.
her fren wanna jio her to kl,
now she explain to others saying that..
cause yiing chau not feeling well,
so i cant cant cant join them lo
Gao Sai lar!
check tiok...result. *secret*
tml going for x-ray.
wait lar, more accurate result!!!

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