Friday, September 4, 2009

5 Weeks Left..

HSC left 5 weeks nia lo..
sad that HSC exam is coming so soon...
sad that i left 5 weeks to stdy n play around v my dear frensss from HSC.
now i m having a damn complicated mood...
duno what i m thinking now..
thinking of exam?
thinking of how to make use of the time to enjoy v frens.?
thinking of W-H-A-T?
feel like relaxing,
but it isnt the right thing to do now.
wanna stdy?
not in the right mood..
exam is just finished last last week..
went around penang for more nice food for dinner?
Semester 3, one week finish liao ahh,
left 5 weeks..
some more this sem so many holidays.
wake wake wake!
what should i do?

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