Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Stim n Super Swuei. (SSSS)

these few days, or should i say these few weeks, or even recent months??
i had nightmare everynight! wdf... i dint knw whats going on.
stim stim whole day, the next day n everyday.
i did stupid things which i never notice i was doing it! Omg!!

First thing, i went back to hostel from inti after class. Walking way from the entrance after coming down from the car and locked my car, i took out the room key. but something stupid happened, i keep pressing the car key to unlock the 'door' when i was 3 or 4 doors away from mine. Aikzz!! i dint knw what i m doing but keep wondering why the door dint open or make sound. STUPID nia~

Second thing, i laughed myself for being so STIM! then wanna go to find christine at 4th floor. i brought along my own room keys, (purposely remind myself not to do anything stupid anymore, leaving the car keys in room). then i walk from 2nd floor (where my room is). thinking to go christine room. but!! i walk til 3rd floor, which is the entrance, automatically, dunno wat the hell was in my mind, i walked out the entrance, and... to the roadside! suddenly, i ask .. Why am i here?!?! aiyoyoyoy!

Third thing...Lmao! i thought that is all.. but here come a serious one.!! went fetching kumar for movie with a group of frens... outside his house, wana reverse the car, thinking.. reverse gear! but guess what i did.. i turned the aircond!!!!! ARGHHH~ Kisiao right? haizzzzzzz. went for a movie, unhappy things happened.. but then the movie which is so nice, help to reduce anger from 100% to at least 20%.. good movie, funny n nice. The UGLY Truth!

Fourth.. was on this morning. i washed my bottles, wanna go to refill, i walked to the hairdryer! wth... :( serious lar.. me.! super stim. then here comes the swuei thingy. Some frens from inti knw.. that my car was clamped n kena clamping penalty. i cried out ahh!!! i dint do it purposely d. accidentally... so sad... got fined, and again blacklisted. sad sad sad.!!

hope everything will be alrite after tonight's slp. tml is a new day, n hope dun stim n no more stupid things. must be 100% awake all the time! gambateh yiingchau.


  1. LOL~~

    U totally is dreaming nia~~^^

    Master,u oso got 2day a??Hahaha~

    Gambateh la^^

  2. LOL... dun say me like that ok.. i feel funny for what i did. hahaha!!