Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday- "Neighbour Day''

Wakaka.... wat a neighbour day, i simply named it nia lar..
It is actually.. family day. 8 families' Family Day together..
With all the neighbours.. quite fun lar!
We went to the Rasa Sayang Resort for buffet.
Lunch~!! Alot of nice food, eat til me bolat ahh! haha..
siok siok siok!!! Fat liao stil eat, keep eating n eating..
Alphabetically order, a b c d E F g h....
After E is F... so after Eating is becoming Fat!!!
Who created all these ''English''~ hahaha! with order...haha

I wore a shirt that i long time dint wear liao eh..
Finally ppl dint say me fat, but.. ''yiing chau, pretty ki''
hahazz!!! 18 years old liao ma.. lalala..
SS~ ignore me.. ψ(╰_╯)σ

Eat alot, went out for a walk,
saw many many foreign leng lui n handsomesss!! haha
All sun bathing, they read while lying under the hot sun.
After so so so many days rain, today they came out.. to sunbath...
then met one clown in the restaurant...
he made a lot of cartoons of balloons..
many children wanted swords from him.. vry funny.
me n other elder children keep shooting him, laughing him n joking v him.
what a funny guy he is.. hahhaha!!!

Then we the old children went to the kids' colouring area...
playing with the colours, and we had the best work among all... a butterfly.
i dont have the photo with me, it's with Winnie..
then the clown come kacau us... hahha
he then taught us how to make a dog using the balloon... damn cubiee.
mine gave to shan zheng le looo... xD
he is a super cute boy! living opposite my house nia..

Then we headed to Rasa Sayang Resort Adventure Zone!!!
It is more like somewhere children play.. but.. 老 gina-- me, joined!!!
hahahaha... had a lot of fun v the kids, but more or less about my age d lar... =.=

played the slides.. there are 3 types of slides..
first one, not chi kek d... for kids d...
second one, a bit chi kek, wave-like...
slide down will bang into the colourful balls!!
Song ahhhh!! xD

then here comes the most chikek one!!!!
this is the one, slide down 90 degree!!! fuyoh~
knocked my head, no second time.. haaha..
i feel like jumping from somewhere high.. commit suicide .. haha
there is the fear lar.. but siok also..
one 5 year old kids, Harris- Teacher Loh Bee Lay's second anak, keep playing..
Everyone cheer for him, he stim stim mia, feel fun n keep trying n trying.
haha, what a brave kid!!
Overall, it's fun.. there are many more things.. play til we bolat. xD

Came back, slp like pig ler.. sipek tired. ψ(╰_╯)σ
hahaha... i regret for not bringing camera lar.. haizz
Anyway, i had a great time!!!
Happpy Merdeka Eve, Everyone!!!!

Haha.. this time, this post, colour is following the national flag..
hahaha... super bird rite? haha..ψ(╰_╯)σ
Had a nice day!! ^^

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