Saturday, August 22, 2009


Finally, exam is over..
My 'deeear' HSC internal trial exam has passed..
the whole study week, i wasted a lot of time, doing nothing..
and then, during the trial week, i dint slp well.. hide in the book, swim in the sea..
And end of the exam i fall sick! Fever, cause dint slp enough lo!! haihz..
Finish all the papers, the li yuen gang, went playing badminton.
I dont feel well, but super exhausted, so i dint join the game.
After all, during the night, we went gurney for our dinner.
I dint join them for movie, but onli dinner..
They went movie and play til midnight!! wow, good stamina lo!!

This holiday dono wanna go where play... feel like having a gud rest..
Then onli call all frens out... and play together..!!

Semester 2 finish le!!! left few more months then gotta leave HSC, leave all the frens le..
So sad ya... so must play hard b4 leave, and keep in touch alwz! hehe..

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