Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Dare You?!??

This is again a quite-bad-day..
Earli morning kena kek tiok liao ahh..
Haihz.. my jealousy sipek dang!! Waliu..
Behtong.. Beh kua nia..

After breakfast at Jawi for the super nice chai koay..
hahaha.. no pictures, help to save u ppl d saliva.. hahazz
then aftenun, i got 4 guests to my house..
hong zhang, ah hong, ah liang, ah hwa..
come my house sit awhile..
watch tv awhile..
talk awhile..
then they go back le..
short gathering.. haha

Tml, another group of ppl coming to my house..
i dont knw whether they will put me aeroplane bo lar..
but..hopefully they dont!!
this is not the first time le.. ~.~
huey yong, xiang yih, kumar, ubi and calvin is coming...
now a bit.. headache thinking where to bring them to...
aikzz... who help me ahh.. @.@

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