Sunday, August 9, 2009


It's again weeks i dint update my blog. nothing to write about ler..
i dont wanna write anything about 'u' le lar.. no point and i talked to u, settle le lar..
Nothing special happen these days pun..
Malaysian studies final exam yesterday lo..
i m the first one to come out (from HSC larh... ignore tze chong) haha

Yesterday zhenglik's birthday.. wished him and bought him my '家乡饼' haha...
Zhenglik is the one name the biscuits...jz kiam bia nia lar... haha
Today, 9-8-09 is our xiang yih's birthday!! hoho..
Wish him happy birthday!!! ^^

Hmm, i m thinking what to tell my mom something...gonna cheat... haha =.=!

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