Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tired Day!!!

With Li Yuen, Jia Wei, June Wynn, Kim Hwa n Zen Whey..We played poker from 3 - 5 something in the morning!!! We gambled. Funny things happen a lot.. haha

After a 3 hour slp, at about 9am, woke. But others continue.. Too tired lar.

til 12pm, onli go out to eat.

Today, we ate some nice n very nice food. haha

Our breakfast, our lunch.. lol

Yam Rice!! Introduced in the newspaper today! Vry cheeap, we ate RM21 something, 6 person shared, so onli cost about RM4 person. ^^Nice ler!

Ask them and see!! xD

WOW!! Look nice right! haha...

After that we went to ah hong's house.. to watch tv, to play n to see hong play game. haha

Liao, we go to have our another meal at 3 something!

ALMA 寿面!!! Damn nice and special food... ^^ but i dont have the photos..

Then, headed to the Ice Kacang under the big tree.. Nice also.

After all, i went back home, go for a stupid hair cut.. damn sad i look funny! =.=

i dint join them for Snooker, to Boston.. i m tired!!!

Packed everything and then, here i m! gonna slp soon le.

Bye and night! ^^

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