Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another weekend

Previous post..noone understand. LOL. HAHAAHAA!! try to interpret slowly lar.

Hmm,This is another friday, and it's time to go back home.But then it's the day i hate most. I grow old every friday, cause i m not happy,pek chek.LOL...i bey siok something, someone, sometime, somewhere,everything, everyone, everytime, everywhere, anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere...Whatever lar.. jz beysiok!!!!!

What the hack is going on in ur mind?! Why U wanna treat me like this wor?anything that i did wrongly, u jz tell me lar,wei..i dont like the way we are like that,...we are alwz together! and yet...U are ignoring me all the time,HAihzzZzzz..

U go chiak sai larh!!!

LOL...everyday look at ur face, everyday see u,everyday talk to u,everyday everyday n everyday...swt tiok. now, dont feel like having any conversation with u PUN ah...!! jz feel like, sit there alone, not looking hp, no sms-ing, nothing! I thought everyone learn moral...take moral in spm, learn it since kindergarten..

It's actually physics, cause things relate. zzz!!

U drove me banana!!!
alright, not knowing what to say anymore about U le..u dont understand me.neither me.
P/S: U refers to not only one person. LOL!

Feeling like, having a talk with U, but then i hardly pay attention to think how should i talk to u. seriously, i m blank. I m fake larh!! Ishhh!! X(

Let's not talk about U le. this week i vry vry sway!
I hope myself is not changing from the vry begginning of the year, i knw..i m less cheerful, less talkative. nothing else le lar, dont comment me n keep observing me liao lar! LOL..i knw i m famous but then no nid like this d. hahaa!!!! *SS*

sunday, i cut my legs, monday or tues, i hurt my finger!!! LOL... everything is about the door.
Even the doors hated me. haihzz!!! car door, toilet door.. i m going to have door phobia le la!! haha... hmm, stil not yet recover lo, but feeling better le. hoho! jz like normal but with a deep scar on the leg and vios car's door's blue black signature on my finger! haihz..not sensitive le, my finger..swt nia..i was quite BUSY preparing my maths 2u assessment lo.i supposed stil not worse than my x1 lo!! :(
Got my x1 result, hoho, as what i expected..POOR! but surprisingly, our shyboy in x2 class,failed his x2! call u dont alwz fool around liao ma,haha!!!

Wednesday- after assessment, we going christine's birthday party. hmm, stil ok for me lo..cause my brain keep thinking something elses!! sorry everybody. :(
We went QB Sakae Sushi for celebration. bunteh wanna watch movie d lo, but then gotta chemistry class the next day at 8am sharp!! LOL..cant go le. haha, then some of us went to the beach...PARADISE. not yet reali siao lo...but quite nice playing with the sand. for photos, view lar,jacq's facebook, kian's blog, christine's facebook,or maybe others... hoho.. Then,go back, slp...!!

nothing else special that happen this week le... jz..a bored weekend. with frustration!! haihz..

Thinking of driving to Bangkok, Thailand tml. huhu!!! hmm, not sure yet. jz wanna hv fun.


  1. hahah....yaya
    finally u type it is the place 4 u 2 express yrself...
    dun bother abt them lahx...

  2. Awww, turn that frown upside down! Whooosh =)