Saturday, April 11, 2009


This morning
Moral Final Exam
last night slpt at 1.30 smtg
woke at 6.30
Fetch bro n sis to sch
Jit Sin Sukan Tahunan
At Inti Front Door
Me n Kian
Saying wanna study
See cars coming
Play v the loud speaker!
Chee Chian funny lar
he ran when he heard we shouted at him
XD, really laugh my ass off!!!!
ppl at 6th floor, see us playing like siao lang. haha!!
Went into MPH for my moral,then went into library
to study physics, but a bit onli.
Then we have lunch together, with
Su lynn
Yong nian
Fu Cherng
3 Vs 1
At ubi's house, we use the loud speaker n shout at him
his dad ask about that but,
luckily dint come out to see..
We have fun perli UBI!!!
we keep laughing n laughing n laughing at UBI.
Most of the time, he is speechless
and smile. ONLY,...
NOT BAD but EXPENSIVE char koay teow!
(BM's better than penang's)
Yong nian pity, wat onli koay teow teng..
We have fun lar.. XD

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