Saturday, April 11, 2009

...I gOt TipU...

After our lunch,Fu cherng said,
''Finish breakfast, I m going home for my lunch!''
Then, we went to KFC to buy hui hui her wedges!
Then, i followed them,
he dropped yong nian, and then..
i thought i texted him that, i m following to his house!
He brought me round n round the taman behind yong nian's house!
The taman is quiet big and lotss of junctionsss lar!!
And that's not his taman!
His is opposite!!
OMG! he took me at least 10 junctions!
and suddenly he disappeared!
I was lost!
I phoned him n he said
swt swt swt swt swt =.=.=.=
purposely make me go round n round eh
he kena liao lar...!!
Hyiek Hyiek Hyiek..
So pening go round n round..
lorong delima 14, 15
Changkat delima 1,
a lot more, i dint reali look at them
when i was at delima 14 n 15
onli i knw i went the same way again n again..


lame lo!

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