Monday, April 6, 2009

I fixed something!!!

yo!! last friday, me and su lynn went to the car accessories shop to fix one thing on the car.. haha, there is the loudspeaker, we can speak and talk loudly to the outsiders of the car. haha...

it is the fifth day today, and i got lots of fun using it. XD

the funniest thing will be on saturday, morning, before moral class began, me n kian sat on the car,waiting her wuen and pey yee. we yelled at them and kian sang an ''old song''!!! 我的热情!! haha... they were so shock and embarrassed being called out so loudly..! hmm, but still, i was a bit afraid of the guard to complain me to the police?! or to the inti ? afraid to sound the siren pulak.

then, after class, we went SPCA with some inti frens and had lunch together at OLD TOWN coffee shop. after all, back to BM and here comes the funny thing.

i drop ting kian first as she got her violin class, and we were late for it. xD. then onli drop pey yee. at the traffic light near Tokun Hill, i lined to wait for the traffic lights to turn green, a car came beside me, thinking of cutting my way. Fine~ i honked(pon! pon!)
the driver using the siren's, not car's honk..''pitt'', haha!! the driver look at the left, (no cars) *shock!*, then he turned back. i honked again, he looked at the left again(no cars), *HUH? honk me?*. turned back to the front, i honked again! this time, he turned 180 degree,right to the back, looking at me n pey yee, me n her pretended like nothing happen at all. juzt talk to tahan,not to laugh. he looked at us so long and finally turned back! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ME N PEY YEE CANT STOP LAUGHING AND FINALLY WE ARE FREE TO LAUGH..xD, (maybe he's seen us laughing in the mirror,dont knw?! haha..) When the traffic light turns green, i honked him again. haha!!! he speed so fast lar.. haha!!!

Funny.. XD

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