Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today 15-4 liao
i cant online for so many days, dint update my blog also.
All the 2 posts b4 is fake eh date,
jz posted it. xD
thursday liao,
my stdy break gonna finish liao lo. =.=
Monday dad's birthday, night stdy til 2 something
lucky ppl accom me wor..xD
tues woke up earli,
wanna go state library.
morning went there but then dint open,
go fren's house to stdy,
onli 2 hours, others 4 hour, eat n talk. =.=
SWT lo...gai nia..
night til late again. haha...
some1 acc me.
2 siao lang!
but i like the feeling, when we studied together, wont bored!
woke up vry vry late.
every morning,
got morning call,
it is said to be a morning call,
but it is actually a kacau call.
cant wake pun eh...
i call the person, the person call me,
in the end, both slp til 11 baru gam guan wake up.
wednesday studied a bit pun,
then i went climb hill!!
Tokun hill!
i brought my std5 brother v me,
then ho,
we both climb lo
not yet 5 min, 2 ppl ady so so so exhausted liao
15 minutes, i swt til ..
vry beh......lo
met chun ee and xiao fen
we both took 1hour n 10 mins to complete our journey,
go back tired like udang
slp from 9-10.30pm
ppl wake me liao, i continue slp. ahaha
studied til 3 last night.
i enjoyed my stdy break so so so much! haha
u vry beh lo,
who call u not to wear clothes while stdying
n sumore switch on the aircond.
say no shirt pulak..
haha, nxt time bring u go buy shirt. so pity eh. haha
and remember u said wanna bring me go eat holiao!!!
i waiting that ''SURPRISE""
today slp til 11..
morning d kacau call,useless..
come to inti,
now in inti library blogging. haha!
i should stop here.
going for my bio studies! haha
take care!!!

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