Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Every morning..

It was like a routine for me, these 2 days, ting kian is not joining me to school, she stayed in penang condo. Then, i waited in the car for her to reach and we have fun saying GOOD MORNING to everyone that we know. haha.. and that's y, we don't feel sleepy in class for the first period.

Nugget nian keeps saying me ''ki siao liao~'' and chee chian doesn't wanna chap me and keeps laughing at me. SWT~Some ppl ask me, ''y fix that?''

YO~ that day mom heard kian using it to talk to me, and mom heard. she wants me to fix it one. XD... I fix it myself,haven't tell her yet. hehe!! if i said she sure...ZZZ.. Dont knw lo... My brothers onli knw it when i feetch them to n back from tuition. I yelled, ''MUST PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS K?'' Their face turn green lar, haha! Mom told me can use it when ppl rob mar, haha!!

One more thing is that, Uncle keep perli me n ting kian that we should not late for exam like last time we did. and now, i got the siren, i can use it if there is any traffic jam le...haha ( Still i wont dare to use it lar.. haha )

I have fun using it, but i think, soon, i m getting bored with it.
1) scare police catch
2) scare ppl complain
3) havent found any mask to wear yet!


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