Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday to u,
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to Daddy,
Happy Birthday to u!
Haha, it's monday, 13-4-09
Dad's birthday lo.
Earli morning i went sch,
for english class eh,
learnt a lot,
so high! haha..
Lunch time, they took so so so so long to decide where to go
@@! that zen whey lar!
Liao, we pull ubi , calvin to go together!
10 of us!
Yiing chau
Su Lynn
Boon Yee
Shu Hui
Yong Nian
Xuan Hong
Zen Whey
Kim Hwa
10 of us went SEOUL GARDEN!
stil ok ok ok ok onli lo. haha
the food stil ok ok
happy to be together
but not so enjoy,
cause too many ppl, and separated lo
we took 2 hours to eat,
til 3.30 ler..
Then go back liao
Fetch calvin back, maybe he purposely dowan let us knw his house,
he said wanna go for a hair cut
He brought me go round n round his taman again.
more than 15 junctions!!!
We played the loud speaker after dropping him
At a traffic light,
Su lynn yelled at a motor,
2 motorists, from chung hwa high school!
''Chung hwa d!''
They look around
Moving their motor backwards n backwards!
we laughed
they thought it was the van in front us,
the speaker is behind d van?
They moved and look at the back of the van
Very shock!
when the traffic light turns green,
we take right turn,
they took left!
''Chung Hwa d! bye bye!!!''
They look around again,
laughing!!!! haha
LOL...when having our lunch, i phoned ting kian,
they all stdy half way went playground pulak!
but they dint reach the playground
they reached SUA BA..
haha@!!! they walked...for a very long way,
Siao liao eh...xD

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  1. walao...itz sulynn's style~~
    common liao she did these things...lolx...