Saturday, March 21, 2009


Wishing to post some photos lar.. but cant, no photos with me, and i dont have a card reader to put my camera card into this computer, and it's not my computer also. haha!!

PPL, monday is ur Malaysian Study test lar! Kumar still sms me to chio me out for a meal. He said he missed it, that day. haha! Pity~ Got chance lar, haha. coming firday.. Yong Nian promised to bring me go to eat holiao liao! haha! he went IELTS exam today, oOps! forget about it le.. haha, jz wished him at 9 something, i guessed he is taking his exam that time lo.. haha!! All the best to him.And yea, this morning, i went out so late from my house. 7.15, i said i gonna reach at 7.45. huh..reali no cars on the bridge, although it was raining so heavily, stil i sped, cause scared of being late for moral class.I went to the hostel to fetch Gwei Theen, Amber, Pey Yee, Boon Yee, and a new cute girl, more guy, Jia Chuan. during the moral class, i had some fun also lar. laughing n laughing at the back of the Lecture Threater.

Today, me n su lynn went for a lunch after my Moral class at 11, we went Qb, walking n hanging around.then we went to Jit Sin for my scout gathering. Su lynn jz follow but she studied Malaysian Study there. Pity~ haha!! i had fun meeting all frens and..chatting with each other. but the activity wasnt that fun lo, first.. the participants of junior was too too too less lar.bored lo, haha! Feel like going BM plaza today to see Tan Teik Cheng competition, but, all end up..LAZY.. haha!!! Then, me n su lynn were back home..tired..exhausted~

Calvin!! Paiser lar, chio me play Mafia Wars, but i reali dont know anything. haha! jz..stim n blur. i m not good at games eh.. like that lo.. haha!

Hmm, mom nagging me, keep asking me, are u taking the correct course? BOHUAT~ i got my satisfied result, but i never apply for any scholarships. hehe =] that's why i kena lar. hoho!! Dad is now, trying to talk to me, ask about my interest. Feel like they are starting to know me..X( but everything is jz a good start lo..

Wishing everyone all the best! Good luck!

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