Thursday, March 19, 2009

The first day~

Hey,everyone! i enjoy my time viewing ppl's blog lar..expressing their mood,share their happiness and share their sadness.. Whatever.. i enjoy it so much! haha!! And today, finally i post my own's. Not the first time, but i deleted all those i posted years before. haha!! XD. I don't have the time blogging,updating my things.. Even my friendster account, facebook.. ( I m even lazy for my homework! wakaka!!)

Just like everybody elses, i want to share my things, my life, my friends, my story.. As u know, i m recently studying in Penang Inti College. First, when i was there, i felt lik..strange to the environment, felt like..oOoo,many mature looking ppl, and felt like, Jit Sin ppl very childish-looking there..Phew,feeling vry young! haha!! I started blogging, to remember my lifes in Inti College. I think it really worth memorable! Hehe.. Friends i met, mostly nice~ ~ i feel BELONGED. haha.. My funny, vrazy laughter gang..

Before joining HSC, i was still working with my daddy, thinking to relax for 3 months..take result, and then onli decide where to study. But, my uncle in shanghai scolded me for wasting time without doing any useful thing. Not even enriching myself in anything. Just fooling around, playing and.. eating. Then, he called me quickly take up a course. Any pre-U courses will do, rather than wasting time playing.. Haha.. I considered onli HSC n A-level, and finally decision is made in a short period...Yea, i take up HSC finally. Till now , my parents are still asking.. ''Are u sure u r taking the correct course?" Hey, C'mon!! It's alrd March le lar.. Haha..

Hmm, i enjoy my college life now.. Although i got hard time. Travelling to school everyday... Luckily, ting kian car pools with me. Thank God! Abo i reali tired like... Hell.. haha.

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  1. T I N G K I A N is such a nice ppl hor hor hor hor hor?! XDD hhahahhaa. xDD