Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

I stayed alone at home during the Earth Hour, parents went outstation, sister n brothers went tuition from 8-9.3pm. Nothing i can do, so i switch on the TV, watching the Indo Badminton Open 2009. Malaysia player lost larr.. terrible.. HAHA...XD

Hmm, then i took out my phone, SMS. asking ppl wat he/she does during the hour. ''SLP, haha''. the person even told me that, he went upstairs and use telescope to spy on other house!!! HOHO!!! i cant stop laughing and keep asking what was seen...?HAHA... the person called me not to be so excited, since there is nothing seen..haha!!! We have a nice chat.. and yea, time flies so fast.

After fetching my brothers at 9.30, i came back and continue online. i never care about the competitions the next day. i m going for the calligraphy competitions, 5 events i took part and yet, no confident, no mood, dont feel like taking part too..

11 something, khai ming took his drawings to my house. LOL..jz for some words. after that onli i start to prepare my things. it was almost 12 o'clock liao!! and after packing up, i sit down in the living room, watch tv with my parents pulak!!! til 1 something lar.. haha...quite enjoy d looo... the drama is so intersting lar. haha!! Hmm, i was wondering whole night whether i should go for the competitions or not. all ppl support me. haha!!!

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