Saturday, March 21, 2009

20 March 2009

This is the best n most memorable birthday i had in my life! ppl..thanks loo..

Huhu~ i had a great time lar...haha!! nice friends..

Early morning i woke up late for school, driving vry quickly to school. Very afraid that i m late for my physics class again. haha! if late also i will be again using the same reason, that is," Sorry Teacher, the bridge jam lar.. got accident!'' haha...!! And then he will say, ''Again arr..?? ....(then his own story)'' hoohoo!!! Funny teacher.. haha!

Went into physics class, searched somewhere to sit, keep saying thank u cz ppl keep wishing me 'Happy Birthday!!!' Happy til forget about ting kian they all. after awhile onli i notice that all of them were absent! Walaueh, most of them skipped the class lar..dont knw why.No inform, nothing.. Worry lar.. Then i sms Ting kian, everybody coming? U know what? she gave me a super lame reason lar....!! Ask her if u wanna know.HaHa!!! I totally moodless ler, when all of them absent. Those who are absent, teacher ask me, y they absent. i speechless n jz, ' dont know '. Those are:

Ting Kian

Pey Yee

Her Wuen

U Wen



Kumar (he went driving test)

Wahh, no mood pi ahh..

After class, Su Lynn's turn to play me le..

''Yiing Chau, gia~ toilet..''

Then we go. i felt moodless that time but after that, worse. Su Lynn said,''Let's go to the toilet." After using the fourth floor's toilet, she wanna go 2nd floor d toilet pulak. LOL.. Ok, go lor.. Go there, they phoned, whispering, and brought me to the 6th floor again, saying that they wanna find Shu Hui at the 6th floor.. I was pulled here and there, CLIMBING the STAIRS from 4th floor to 2nd floor, and from 2nd floor to 6th floor!! moodily..And i stim stim follow here n there...LOL

6th floor..
Suddenly, Henry popped out from the back, calling me to go to a table, there's ''OMG!!" -- big nice pretty cake, 2 domino's pizza...wah..!PPL start appearing in front me, and SHOCKED!! Stupid lar, me... pi blif wat ting kian told~ haha..XD. Then they start singing birthday songs to me. To my surprise, many ppl is joining!! ooohhh....wah!! thanks lar, for those participating and the ones, inviting n planning all these......!!
Thanks to , All my frens who was present at 6th floor, singing the loudest HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG i have ever heard. XDD

Ting Kian, Pey Yee, Her Wuen, Ewe Juin, U Wen, Henry, Adam!!
Shu Hui, Su Lynn, Natalie, Boon Yee, Yi Lynn!!
Zen Whey, Yong Liang, Kim Hwa, Xuan Hong, Eric!! (reali dint expect they persent!)

Most suprisingly..
Yong Nian, Xiang Yih...!haha XD!

But there are some absent d lo...haha, owe me birthday song d..
Kumar~ Yong Nian sing half way, Xiang Yih dint sing! but doesnt matter, i alrd vry vry vry happy n keep it in the deepest part of my heart le..heehe!

Then, Maths class..they are doing something gok!!
that time i was so tired lar.. slp at 2 something in the morning, 6 something wake to drive to school..i m truly mood study also.. hehe. Liao, her wuen, ting kian,at the back doing something elses...
Break time, they whispered to pey yee, wanted her to bring me out to the toilet.. When i was back, shocked! AGAIN~ haha, they printed my picture from my facebook and design a big card for me..!! huhu! biggest card i had ever received..XD. There are lots of cute pictures, and notes from all frenss..The most most most most most most..shining one was...勇年‘哥’..!! Everybody swt lar..zz!He is funny! Xiang yih write d, a bit CHIM...others, i lazy mention le, but jz Thanks n Lots of Thanks! hoho!!! I remember Kumar's... A Shit~ haha

Happy for the whole day! YEA!! i m now 18 le lo..getting wishes from so so so many frens, some old frens and many more new friends. haha!! Went back home, Oh ya! thanks to ting kian's mom for her present also. haahaa! It's vry nice of her.XD. Went back home, i told parents everything happened in school.They were happy about it, and dad told me, ''U got a big cake too at home!!!'' WOW! BIG CAKE!! jump! hAAhAA! mom made order of a big 2kg Opera Cake from LA Delight. Its reali big!! biggest cake i have eaten! haha!! (@.@ sot liao...too high! haha) Neighbours and frens of dad, came to sing birthday song for me too...haha!! Conclusion .. jz happy lar..

12 am.. Hotlink offers free phone calling for 24 hours. the early morning i talked for so long le, after n during class, i keep talking n talking n talking. haha!! hmm, after school, i continue n continue..til 12am of 21 march. after that, stop! then start using sms, save money rather than talking on phone. haha!! but! sorry, havent sending the thirsd msg, i slpt! reali tiring! hoho~

Thanks to my friends and.. Everyone that wishes me lar.. Thanks for the presents and card! thanks!!


  1. heheehe! its worth as long as u're happy loh loh loh. xDDD hahaha. welcome my dear!!! :)