Sunday, March 29, 2009

Everything is reali better than what i'v expected!!

HOHO!!! last night i slp late and this morning, 8.30 onli wake up. The authorities there said that we have registered at 8.30, and after some speeches, we will start our competitions. 9 onli went out from home, 9 something reach there. then, met my frs. Khai Ming and Li Hui. Haha, jz nice lar, can meet them. keep talking and laughing lo.. their drawings are so nice lar... my writing kanasai. but i m vry satisfied v my performance. haha!!! I m quite happy d, although my idol dint come. ahaha!!!

Hmm, we started our competition at 9.55, haha. the ppl there no use mia, dont knw how to distribute things and bla bla bla. haha... i went there for the competitions, 12 years liao~ haha, macam i vry old le.. haha!! i supported the competition so many year liao.. i met many ''old'' uncle frens here. haha.. and my dear teachers!!! haha.. long time no see le loooo... haha!!

Here are some photos of my.. writings. althought vry ugly but it is better than what i expected and worried for the whole night! haha






after the competitions, i went back first and yea, i take a nap from 2-6 pm!! haha.. long nap... haha, i enjoy it. and now, i did nothing else. going bed in 3 hours time. Goodnight!! XD


  1. hihi , eh , u gt wat prize in this competition ?
    nice o ur calligraphy ...add o!l ..
    support u !!!

  2. thanks a lot lar..but this is somehow ugly lar..X( dont knw the results yet.hehe, when goot prize then i tell u, so u will belanja me makan, right? XD