Sunday, June 14, 2009

Special Credits to People that Help!!

haha!! College Musical is over! and here i forgot to give special credits to ppl that help me a lot in the process of preparations! sure there is unhappiness between ppl during the week of working n busying, if so, i have told the people about what i bey siok, but, if guys, u feel so towards me, bey siok me, tell me ya! honestly one! i will accept it!!!!! LOL...(so far so good. NONE!)

Hmm, First of All..
People, Stage manager n her assistants!
1.Yap Ah Liang helped me at the vry begginning lo.
Then comes 2.Chong Ah Wei..
People who are stage managers they helped a lot ler!!! appreciate so much!
3.Teoh Ah Hwa, 4.Tan Ah Yuen
Then, sound n lights people,
5. Eu Ah Jia, 6.Lim Ah Wynn!!
They helped me from monday night til wednesday nights!!! Thanks people!

Paiseh ya, i have to thank them first cause they are not from props!!!
now, wanna thanks my dear props team mates!!!
1.KumarAhSan (ppl suggest me to put u as, KuAhmar)LMAO!!!
2.H'ng Ah Kian
3.Cheah Ah Yee
4.Phang Ah-Wen
5.Kam Ah Yin
Thanks cooperating from monday n got things done so successfully!!!!!
Hehe...although i m not happy at the vry begginning, stress up! but it ended up a good, success, n nicely!!! WOW! it's a process,with happiness, with pekchek, but it really worth!!!! hOHoo!!!^^ jz forget about the bad ones! LOL

Chan Ah Sian, i wanna thank u for spending time to help me!
Miss Irene, wanna thank u giving me chance to get involved in such a great activity (It's only great n superb, when it successed!^^)

And people who supported the show on that day!!!

And finally, my listeners when i faced problems, u ppl help me calm me n support me! ^^
2.Chong Ah Chuan
3.Low Ah Zhang
4.Tan Ah Ming
6.Chin Ah Lynn

Did i missed out who else??? drop me a comment, if u guys see i thank U, at least a 'welcome' lar! hehe!! ^^

Thank You~

I like the actorsss so much ya!
3.Zi Han

They are cool~ others are nice! but the 5 are those who gv me great impression!!
Good Job!