Friday, June 12, 2009

Our College Musical~

Last night, inti's college musical. i m one of the props ppl,
had a hard time throughout the whole week. dint slp well...@.@
last night it was a perfect performance!
ppl are cooperating well and we make new frenss!!
WOW! We are like a family!! ^^
went coffee island for our supper, celebrate!!
and then had a damn nice slp!

but, when i m awake, i feel dizzy, the head is heavy!!!
i m sick again! haihzzzz!!! what the hell my body is doing? keep feeling not well..
so sad! :( i had a high fever n then... diarrhea again! :(

Anyway, will update pictures n photos for the college musical! ^^
Wanna thanks all ppl for cooperating and helping thing to be done!



  1. u guys really did a very very good job..^^
    without u all...
    i couldnt have enjoyed such a wonderful performance..^^
    and rest well ya..
    don stress out..XD

  2. awwww. and and i made it to the musical thingy. And you did an absoeffinlutely great job. Well done! *clapsclapsclaps*

  3. yea..ppl are enjoying the show! but there are stil ppl that say its not really nice! thats sad. anyway, we the actors and the crews are feeling satisfied!! thanks for the support!!!