Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NEW record of mine!!!!

these days i m rather panick with mX1.. Issshhhh!!!!
I dont knw why, couldnt understand the maths..
which are onli 0,1,2,3,....9 and a few formulas..
I dont knw what is in my mind, i tried hard to learn it...
And then, i go pressing oil again.
Again to the place i love most,
Lol..10.27 already less car there le!!
Loud musics, and a NEW record here!!!
i dont dare going more, pressing more..
scare the car will fly AWAY!
LOL!!! i went up to 160km/j le!!! ^^
30 minutes rest, away from inti n then back to it again.
Continue maths .. S.H.M.!!!

End of the day, quite ok v it le..Phiewww!

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